Friday, December 4, 2015

Bayantel DSL is a scam

Or it might as well be.

I subscribed to their unlimited P1,299 monthly package and it was installed Dec 1, 2015. The package consisted of a landline and 2 mbps internet per month. I was attracted to their absolutely "no data cap" internet promise. Today is Dec 5, 2015 -- of the 5 days total I've been subscribed to Bayantel DSL, 3 days are "intermittent internet service" -- currently it is OFF. ZERO mbps. Flatline. It is DEAD. I've been loading my stupid Smartbro pocket wifi to get internet (now data-capped at 800 mb), while I am subscribed to an "unlimited" plan -- how stupid is that? So yeah, if you are going to buy the Bayantel DSL UNLIMITED internet promise know that what they are actually selling is actually unlimited FRUSTRATION!



After that one week of TOTAL FRUSTRATION, Bayantel was finally able to hook my internet as advertised. I am now counting 2 weeks straight of ZERO internet disruption, at 2 mbps, and absolutely no data cap -- I would know, SmartBro's 800 mb data cap means I lose internet at 9 am (you read that right, 9 in the morning). Definitely getting what I am paying for. Not going to edit out my initial assessment above however, because I still believe it is highly unprofessional to take one week to hook up an internet connection. But hey, right now, I am HAPPY with Bayantel internet connection.

UPDATE: First billing

Got my first billing from BayanTel today. Apparently, because I complained vehemently for the days when I had no internet, I did not have to pay for those days.

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